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In the first three videos in the "Bomb Your Driver" video series, I spent time discussing the key aspects of how to strike and launch the ball for maximum speed and distance. In this video, I discuss spin rates in conjunction with Launch Angle, and how the two are directly connected for getting you maximum distance off the tee. Using the an average of clubhead speed of 95 mph, you can see in this video how you can consistenly pick up 60 yards, yes, 60 yards off the tee by combining all the knowledge of the videos in the "Bomb Your Driver" series.

Video Practice Points
  • Hitting down on the ball with the driver is a distance killer
  • Move the ball up in your stance, get some axis tilt away from the target and tee the ball up higher to catch it on the upswing
  • Where the ball strikes the club face affects distance more than anything else
  • In a simulation with all other factors equal, hitting just 1/2" - 3/4" below the sweet spot cost as much as 60 yards
  • For high club head speeds there's a point of diminishing returns, but moderate hitters should always get plenty of loft
  • Getting the right club and shaft are also important factors
  • Get on a launch monitor, get a properly fitted club, and learn how loft and hitting solid shots can help you bomb your driver

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