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Downcock Pump Lag Drill

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Every golfer wants to know how to create more lag in their swing to hit the ball further. With this one simple drill I guarantee you'll have more lag in 5 minutes than you ever dreamt possible.

Video Practice Points
  • Many golfers lose wrist angle and "cast" in the downswing, costing them power and lag
  • Sequencing is everything - the downswing is far from just a rush to build power and speed
  • For the drill - go to the top of the swing and pause
  • During the weight shift increase your right wrist angle, dropping the club toward your shoulder
  • Your position should feel wide on the backswing and narrow on the downswing
  • Do the drill on its own at first, then work up to half-shots

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Downcock Pump Drill to Increase Lag

Golf Lag Drill

The downcock pump golf lag drill teaches you how to build lag in your golf swing while also teaching you how to stop casting the club. It's a critical golf swing drill to also learn the proper sequencing in the golf downswing.

                One of the most common and frustrating experiences for golfers is losing power. As they come down in the downswing, they lose their wrist angle, or golf swing lag. We call this casting, similar to how you cast a fishing rod. The last thing you want to do in a golf swing is cast it. As you start down, what most amateur golfers do is they throw the club right from the top, so by the time they get into the golf impact position, the club head's passing their hands. You get a lot of chicken wing action if they're really right-side dominant. They're scooping the ball. They don't ever take a divot, and they hit the ball really high. It doesn't go anywhere.

                What you need to realize is that lag is the most important part of a golf swing. Everything that we've done to this point in building yourself a proper backswing, proper golf setup, learning impact alignments is to make impact more consistent and controllable, but also to give you more power by teaching you how to maintain lag. I've got a drill for you today called the Downcock Lag Drill that's going to help change your perspective of the golf swing because the last thing you want to think about at the swing or as your perspective of the swing is that once you get to the top, you need to start moving as fast as you can and try and generate speed and power. It doesn't work that way at all. Sequencing is everything in the swing, and we're going to talk about the first piece of that sequence, which is the Downcock Lag Drill.

                As you get to the top, what I want you to do is go to the top, pause. Stop right at the top, loaded up on the right side, and then as you're shifting over to the left, not pushing off the right, using your left leg, I want you to take the club with your right hand, both hands, I want you to let the right hand feel like it falls back on itself, and the club is going to hit you in the shoulder. It won't actually hit you on the shoulder unless you lighten up your grip. You should be holding the club pretty softly at this point anyway, but not so much that you let go of it. If you do this drill correctly, you should be able to bring the club in within a couple inches, a few inches, of your shoulder.

                This is the opposite of go to the top, push off the right side, pull with the left shoulder. All of these things are going to create the opposite motion because as you spin your body, you're creating centripetal force and the opposite effect of that is going to be centrifugal force. That means that something further away from the centripetal force, the center is going to release and go out in the opposite direction. As you spin your body this way, the club head's going to go out this way. As you come into impact, you don't have any lag. There's nothing left to hit with. You have to learn to maintain lag at 60% of your club head speed roughly. If you come into impact and you have this wrist angle, you're done. You have nothing left to hit with, so you're going to start getting into the scoopy, flippy motion.

                Instead, you want to come down into this position, which we'll work on next, but what you want to do is start practicing downcocking to start getting yourself in a position where you're maintaining more lag. It's going to feel very different. A, as you go to the top and pause, you should feel poised and relaxed, but your hands should feel soft and you're going to feel like you go from a very wide position on the back swing to a very narrow position on the down swing. It's going to feel very different. Let's go to the top, wide, increase the wrist angle, my club shaft getting in close to my shoulder so I feel very narrow now as I'm pulling my arms back in front of my body, letting the club drop close to my shoulder. It looks like this.

                You're not going to go all the way down yet. You're just going to start working on getting some lag to start the down swing as you're shifting over versus going to the top and start rotating, getting the club thrown out away from you. Start slowly integrating this into half shots. Go to the top, pause, downcock, release. Go to the top, pause, downcock, release. It should feel that you start having a lot more wrist angle coming into impact. Then as you work on the transition videos coming up soon, this will help you really get into great impact positions and start being able to control the ball and compress it and hit it further than you ever have before. If you're a club caster, this will change your game forever. 

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