Step 3 - Add the Lead Arm

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How to integrate the lead arm in the golf swing

Okay, so you've made it through the first videos. We've got weight-shift happening, which is a huge help in the swing, helps everything sequence correctly. Now you've got rotation. The whole core of the rotation, which is really the golf swing. If you rotate correctly, the rest of it is really easy. If you've gotten these first two videos and you're doing those drills and you're doing them properly, everything's starting to go really, really well in your golf swing. It should be. Make sure you're doing these drills in sequence.

                Now, the third video is getting this lead arm. We've talked a lot about the lead arm in other videos, so I'm not going to go in detail about it or how important it is to work with the lead arm, but we're going to get this guy to start working with the other drills. We're stacking things. We're making these drills progressive. We're adding new components to them.

                Still shifting our weight. Now, we're turning and we're using our hips to unwind. We're going to get our left arm to play nicely with this stuff. If you're left-handed, obviously going to be your right arm. Lead arm, I'm going to shift my weight, I'm going to turn to the top, and now I'm going to try and leave my arm up here. I don't need it. I don't even have a club. Forget golf for a second. Just leave it up here. I'm going to shift my weight back to the left, post up, and look where my hand is. I didn't try to move my hand down here at all. In fact, I tried to leave it up here.

                This is the key to understanding how you power the swing efficiently and how you get the club to come down on plane and how you get the club to come on path and how you get the club to square. All of these things that you struggle with your whole life, swinging over the top, et cetera, it's all fixed by doing these moves in this sequence.

                Shifting my weight back, shifting my weight through immediately shallows out my arm, and as I begin to unwind my hips, it immediately brings the club back out in front of me and gets this pivot point in my lead shoulder into a perfect impact position, stacked right past the ball. I didn't have to do anything. I didn't have to do anything with my arms at all, which is the whole key to the swing.

                As I go back, I'm loaded up on my right. I've made a nice full turn. The turn is what's transported my arm to the top. The weight-shift is what's giving me some momentum to start the turn. See the whole sequence here. Weight-shift first, then rotation. Weight-shift helps move the hips to the right to give them some momentum. The turn helps move the arm. Guess what's going to come next. Moving the golf club. Right. Golf club's going to get moved by all of these things in this sequence. That's the whole beauty of it.

                Now, shift back to the left. Didn't do anything with my arm. I'm going to post up. Look where my hand is, right where it's supposed to be. I didn't even have to move it. I'm not that coordinated to get it there by myself, but I'm pretty coordinated to be able to move these little, these pieces a very small amount. They don't have to move very far to get the club right back where we want.

                Shifting back or turning back, shifting to the right, shift to the left, turn my hip, impact. Boom. It's that simple. Again, it's the sequence that you work through these videos that's critical, so don't try to skip ahead, skip the weight-shift stuff, skip the rotation stuff. The rotation stuff is really the central absolute part of the golf swing. When this is done correctly, where the arms go is really easy.

                Next, I'm going to show you just some simple drills that we're going to add in here, so you don't have to listen to me ramble on here. We're just going to focus on the drills in the next video.

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