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Golf Chipping Tips | How to Chip a Golf ball - Proper Setup

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You can save lots of shots quickly by improving your chipping. By simply getting your setup correct, you can be one of the best chippers you know!

Video Practice Points
  • Feet about a club head width and a half apart
  • Ball off the inside of the trailing foot
  • 70% of weight on forward foot, hip slightly ahead of NJA
  • Put the hands forward by leaning the shaft about 10 degrees
  • Bend from the hips with no slouching
  • Feet, hips, and shoulders aligned parallel to target line

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Why Your Golf Chipping Setup Costs You Strokes

How to Chip a Golf Ball  

Even the top pros don’t hit the green every time.

In fact, it may surprise you to learn that the PGA Tour average for greens hit in regulation is currently around 68%, or a little over 2/3rds, which means that they’re missing 5 greens per round.


And the figure for ordinary amateur players is of course much higher. So being able to get up and down from around the green, by learning how to chip a golf ball with consistent accuracy, is crucial to turning in a respectable scorecard and reducing your handicap.

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Unlike the pitch, which is essentially a miniature version of the full-swing and designed to fly the ball in the air to land close to the hole, the chip is more of a “bump and run” type of shot in which the ball is kept as low as possible and is designed to roll like a putt for much of its path on the green.

As such, it should be one of the simpler shots in the game. But the extra pressure that comes with proximity to the hole, and the almost irresistible desire to look up and see where the ball has gone, cause many golfers to fear the chip. And they routinely chunk or skull them as a result.

Fortunately, though, the practice of a few simple technical fixes can eliminate many of these disasters and will improve your scoring more quickly than perhaps any other measure.

How to Chip in Golf

The first point to take on board is that the chip is more like a putt than a full shot or pitch. So that you are trying to set a wrist angle during the (short) backswing and maintain it throughout.

Any attempt to release the club through the ball as you would with other shot types is likely to lead to an inconsistent ball flight and difficulties with distance control even supposing that you make an accurate strike.

It will also make club selection tricky. The basic rule should be to use a club with just enough loft to lift the ball clear of any rough, broken ground, or other obstacles between you and the green.

The Right Stance for Golf Chips

The stance you adopt is largely a matter of personal choice, provided always that you can easily maintain balance and stability. Other than a premature release of the wrist/club angle, the number one cause of dubbed chips is a movement of the head or body.

Eliminate any such movements and propel the club with no more than a gentle rock/turn of the shoulders and you will have gone a long way towards ensuring an accurate strike every time.

The Only Correct Ball Position

Finally, take great care over the position of your ball at address. It should be just a little behind the natural bottom of the clubhead arc, so that you will naturally hit the ball with a slightly descending blow. Watch any tour pro rehearsing a chip shot by repeatedly brushing the grass with the sole of his club and you will realize the importance of this positioning rule.

Regular practice of these few simple fundamentals will dramatically improve your chipping.

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Golf tips - chipping better in minutes




What is the proper way to chip a golf ball?

The chip shot should be the easiest shot in golf if done properly.  Using the Rotary Swing fundamentals of pulling instead of pushing is where you should start.  Rocking the arms like a pendulum while taking your wrists out is a solid foundation. 



What are the best golf chipping tips?

Practicing chipping while holding the club with just your left will help you understand the sensation of pulling (NOT YANKING) the golf club for a proper chip.


Golf Chipping Tips

One of the worst golf chipping tips that continues to be taught today in golf instruction is to play the golf ball way back in your stance. Learning how to chip a golf ball like this will ensure that you struggle to put spin on the ball, that you continue to hit chip shots fat and thin and that you're always timid around the greens. If you're looking golf chipping tips that teach you how to chip a golf ball properly, then watch this online golf instruction video

How to Chip a Golf Ball

The key to crisp chip shots is a proper setup. If follow the golf chipping drills on this site and setup to the golf ball as prescribed here, your golf chipping technique will improve dramatically. That's because we teach you how to use the bounce of your wedge rather than the leading edge.

Utilizing the bounce of your wedge allows the golf club to glide through the turf rather than cutting into it and digging a trench. If you've ever laid the sod over one of your chip shots, then you know exactly how frustrating and embarrassing this can be. Our golf chipping videos show you how to setup to the golf ball in such a way that this can never happen again!

The golf chipping tips in this instruction video just on setup alone will ensure that you always catch the golf ball cleanly, so pay close attention to the tip on ball position. If you want to learn to chip a golf ball like the pros, you must have the ball further up in your stance than most people realize. This is one of the key tips to using the bounce on your wedge. 

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