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Published: May 16, 2017

Today we are going to be discussing posting up. What that actually means, and how to use your lead leg properly in your golf swing to pick up better balance, also to pick up a little bit of speed, and more importantly, be able to protect the critical joints of your body like your hip and your knee.

                Now what we wanna do today is, we're gonna define what that word posting up means, and I'm also gonna show you a simple drill that's gonna help you use that lead leg perfect in every single swing that you make. I know a lot of us get panicked at home when we have to sit through seven, eight, 10 minutes worth of information here, but I promise you, just sit through it, understand it. We have to understand conceptually what we're trying to accomplish first, and then start to put the drill to use and then you'll start to get the results of it.

                So let's go ahead and define what posting up means first. Posting up simply put, is after you've shifted your weight over to your lead side ... okay, so I'm a right handed player so my lead leg is gonna be my left leg, so once I've shifted my weight to my left leg, posting up is just going to be pushing your heel into the ground and clearing your hip at the same time. Okay, so this is working your left leg into a fairly straight position. We consider it like a passive straight position. So when we shift left, you're posting up, you're clearing your hip. Okay, so that's what all posting up really is.

                So the muscle groups that are really critical for this particular movement are your glutes, okay, your lead side glutes, and your obliques. Now your obliques are gonna responsible for rotating your hips and your glutes are gonna be responsible for stabilizing your hips. You've heard Tiger in the past say his glutes didn't fire and that's why his hip spun out a little bit and that's why he ran into problem and had to pull himself out of an event. It's actually a very critical muscle group that does in fact help stabilize your pelvis. So if you've had a hard time finding the awareness of your glutes, I got a simple way for you to do that. Just go ahead, pick your lead foot up and then what I want you to do is, I want you to stomp out in this proper stance with it. I want you to stomp, but I want you to land in your heel or your ankle joint area. And then after you land, just go ahead and lift your trail foot up and then just pump down a little bit.

                You'll start to feel the muscle groups, you'll start to feel the medial side of your glute quite a bit start to contract. So again, just pick this foot up, stomp out, pick the trail foot up, and just flex up and down a couple times, you'll start to feel those muscles. Those are great muscles, so when you start to shift into that side you'll wanna make sure that you start to have some awareness of those at first to help stabilize your pelvis so you don't spin out or spin your body through the hitting area, cause you want your body to stall essentially.

                The second muscle group is just your obliques. A good way to find your obliques is if you were to pull your belly button up towards your spine, so you're sucking your gut in, and you started to rotate your body back and forth. Okay, so you pull your belly button in and then you're turning your body back and forth, trying to keep your belt buckle facing forward, you'll feel these muscles. Those are good muscles that'll help rotate the hips out. Now that we understand what posting up means and now we understand what muscles groups we're gonna be trying to find, let's go ahead and get you a simple drill now that's gonna train you how to do this.

                Okay guys so here's the fun stuff. We're gonna go into a little drill today that's going to teach you how to do this properly. If you don't have an impact bag, I encourage you to get one of these because it's gonna give you some immediate feedback as to what your impact position looks like because that's where the money's all made right there anyways, is that impact. So the way I want you to do this drill is I want you to go ahead and get into a position, put the impact bag right about where you would have your ball positioned, so up off your left ear, and I want you to set up with your knee slightly flexed, about 80% or 90% of your weight under your lead foot, okay? Now when I do this movement, I also want to allow my head to stay still, so I want to shift my hips but keep my head quiet.

                So you're gonna see that I have a little bit of increase in tilt now, this ball position would be a little bit too far back. So my hips and knees are in a square position, okay, square to my target line. I've got 80% of my weight on my left foot, about 90. And then I'm just gonna have my arms back as far as I can get it back, probably just above belt high. And now, at this point what I'm gonna be doing, is I'm going to be using the left heel, I'm gonna be driving it into the ground, and I'm gonna be clearing the hip. And at the same time as I'm doing that movement, I am going to be releasing my hands and arms into the bag.

                Okay, so real slow at first. I'm clearing my hip, okay? I'm driving that heel in the ground. Move this up. So I can really start to feel my glutes lighten up now. Okay, back, push me left heel in, release the club. I want you to do right in the ballpark of about three to five hundred reps of this. It's a lot of reps, so give yourself a lot of little breaks in between these reps, don't try to do a ton of them in a row. Even if you space these out over a couple of days, it's perfectly fine. So once you've done three to five hundred reps you can start to make the drill a little bit more advanced. And what I mean there, is just add your whole body movement to it. You wanna load up to the top of your swing now, okay, now you're gonna shift left, and you're gonna post up at the same time.

                So now, what you're gonna be looking for is that your left leg is neutral join alignment. So that's your hip socket, the center of your knee, and the center of your ankle all on top of one another. Your hips are gonna be open about 35 to 45 degrees or so. All right, and you can feel that you drove your left heel into the ground to help straighten that leg. Okay, so again, you're driving the heel in, you're straightening the leg. So what that looks like from this angle. So I've got 80% here, I'm gonna drive my heel in, I'm clearing the hips, I'm using my obliques to pull the hip away from the target at that same time. Okay, you see that movement? That's gonna help stabilize your pelvis, it's gonna help you from spinning out too hard. It's also gonna help you protect that knee and that hip, because a lot of times we get too much trail side push, we get too much rotation, that's gonna start to put a lot of stress on outside part of your hip girdle, and you don't wanna go through a labrum tear, I promise you. That will keep you out of golf for like six to eight months. Those are no fun.

                Okay guys, so once you've done three to five hundred reps slow like that, go ahead and add the full movement. If you're having a hard time with weight shift, then I really encourage you stick around. I've got a great bonus video for you guys to check out today.

                Okay guys, thanks again for tuning in to today's video on how to post up, I hope you guys get some great success with this drill. If you guys have any questions or comments, please fill free to post those up bellow, and I'll help you guys out as best I can. Also, do me a big favor, click that like button, that always helps us out. And also remember to subscribe to our channel, not just by clicking on the button but also click that bell behind it, that way you get notifications any time we put out new videos.

                I also wanna let you guys know, I did talk about at the end of this video a great premium video called Squat to Square. I'm gonna ahead and give you guys access to that video, it's a premium video that's locked up, I'll give you full access to that video now just by clicking the link on the screen now, or click on the link in the description bellow. That will take you over to a page, it's free to watch, no problems asked. Okay, just watch that video, learn how to shift properly in your golf swing, and then post up, and you're gonna start playing some of your best golf. 

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