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Published: April 10, 2014

Unlike anything you've ever seen, the 5 Minutes per Day video series will help you build a perfect swing in the shortest amount of time possible utilizing our proprietary online golf instruction system.

You'll work through a step-by-step sequence of drills to ingrain a biomechanically safe, efficient swing.

The entire program is based on the latest motor learning research, similar to what Dan Coyle describes in his book, The Talent Code.

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5 Minutes to the Perfect Setup

The follow along video to teach you the perfect setup in only 5 minutes.

This video includes a program to follow at the end that will have you setting up to the ball perfectly every time in the shortest amount of time possible.

5 minute golf learning system setup

5 Minute Setup Plus Weight Shift

Once you've mastered the setup, you can add weight shift to your program to begin developing the motor skills needed for one of the most important aspects of the golf swing.

5 minute golf learning system weight shift

5 Minutes to Master Rotation

This video holds the 5-step pathway to mastering rotation in the golf swing.

At the end of this 15-minute video is a workout program for you to follow once you've completed "5 Minutes to the Perfect Setup."

5 minute golf learning system rotation

5 Minutes to the Perfect Takeaway

This 30-minutes-long video is key to setting you on the right path for the entire golf swing.

Once you've mastered setup and rotation, work on your takeaway and, in less than 5 minutes, see yourself in positions you always struggled to attain!

5 minute golf learning system takeaway
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5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing

Once you've mastered the takeaway, you're ready to begin the process of building the perfect top of the backswing position that even Tiger Woods would envy.

Completing the backswing, in many ways, is simply continuing the movements that we did during the takeaway.

In this instructional video, we'll introduce right elbow flexion, the position of the right elbow at the top and the internal rotation of the left arm.

5 minute golf learning system backswing
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5 Minutes to the Perfect Downswing

All the work you've done on your RST golf swing to this point has culminated in this next set of drills.

As with the other videos, a specific sequence and set of drills that can easily be done in your home or office is laid out in a simple to follow and easy to understand program.

It only takes a few minutes per day to get you moving forward and ingraining the proper movement patterns.

5 minute golf learning system downswing
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5 Minutes to the Perfect Release

Releasing the club properly is something that few golfers do but is the key to effortless power and squaring the clubface through impact.

If you've wondered how to hit a draw your entire life, this multi-step drill will make drawing the ball and controlling trajectory simple.

The drill is challenging at first, so hang in there, it will take time to perfect and ingrain the movements.

5 minute golf learning system release
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