Get Forward Shaft Lean: Your "One-Two Punch" to Compress the Ball Like Tiger

Want to Learn One Drill that will Teach You All 10 Consistency Keys of the Pros?

golf forward shaft leanFind out Tiger's "one-two punch" for forward shaft lean!

Compressing the ball is essential if you want to hit pure, powerful shots with your irons.

The good news is that I have a simple drill for you that’ll increase your forward shaft lean at impact for better compression.

In this video, you'll get a compression drill teaching you the correct feel at impact for long, penetrating shots.

You’ll find out how to explode into the ball with a "one-two punch" like Tiger!

Check out this video now to get more forward shaft lean for crisp, powerful shots!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • In Downswing Right Arm Extends Forward From Shoulder
  • Divot Under Left Foot
  • Right Arm In Front of Left Leg At Impact
  • Shaft Leaning forward At Impact

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