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Published: February 18, 2014

RST is different than any other golf swing methodology in the world because it is the only swing that is not only based on proper biomechanics, but that is built around the latest research in how the brain learns new movement patterns.

We've built the learning program around many of the concepts found in Dan Coyle's best selling book, The Talent Code. Thanks to this system, you are guaranteed some of the quickest real results that can possibly be obtained. And I don't just mean better ball striking; YOU WILL SEE VISIBLE CHANGES in your golf swing using our system.

fix backswing

Here's a typical example of a student with a poor top of the swing position that is causing all sorts of trouble with his ball striking. In the picture on the left, his arms are deep and buried behind his chest, hips over rotated, clubface open, etc. In the picture on the right, the swing is much improved by the following day.

To fix this position and get these types of dramatic results from actual students (how many other instructors do you see posting pics of their students demonstrating these types of results?), it is critical that you follow a specific progression that I go through in detail in this 16 minute video titled "5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing".

Let's take a look at how I turned the golfer on the left into the golfer in the right in just one lesson.

The first key that you should learn in the "5 Minutes to the Perfect Backswing" video is the process of progression. This is the exact same concept you've used to learn all things in your life.

If you ever learned how to play a musical instrument, you started out learning in very small chunks. You learned basic notes, chords, how to read music, etc. before you ever tried to play your first song.

The golf swing is no different. You must break things down into their smallest, simplest parts and work up from there. In this case, I have Peter working through a sequence, which I detail in the video, with the club flipped upside down to minimize the mass of the clubhead and its momentum from acting on his wrist joints. I then have him go through getting into his posture and rotating to the top.

perfect backswing

In this image you can see our student working on his backswing, again with the club flipped upside down and without the distraction of a golf ball (the Isolationism concept I discuss in the video). More importantly, Peter is using a mirror to check his position at the top to now combine what his eyes see and his body feels.

The eyes are the most powerful part of the nervous system, and you need to use them if you want to create a new movement. I'm amazed at how many golfers "work" on their golf swings but never "look" at what they're doing with a mirror or camera. If you don't regularly use the most powerful part of your nervous system to help create a new neural pathway, how do you expect to improve?

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golf backswing rotary

The next step is to flip the club back right side up and continue to have the student check his positions in the golf mirror . The momentum created by the swinging clubhead is significant, even at low speed, so it's crucial the student monitor this with a mirror.

Finally, before we're ready to move onto hitting balls, we take the mirror away and have the student create the movements solely by feel, as you can see in the image on the right. If they can recreate the correct movement slowly at first and then adding speed without the aid of the mirror, we are finally ready to introduce the golf ball.

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