Analysis of Ted Potter, Jr.'s Unique Golf Swing

Do you ever wonder why there are so many different swing styles on the PGA Tour?

Or if it doesn't matter how these guys swing, why you should bother trying to learn fundamentals?

Find out how to avoid being so cramped at impact.

The truth is you can employ all kinds of unorthodox movements and be effective, but you aren't going to maximize your natural potential.

(And you'll likely be risking injury.)

As you probably know by now, there is a difference between effectiveness and efficiency.

You are only achieving your full potential by being efficient.

Your body is designed in a specific manner. Let's learn how to use it efficiently to bomb drives and hit crisp irons.

Here are a few topics that will be discussed in this Rotary Swing Review of Ted Potter, Jr.'s golf swing:

    • How to avoid being cramped at impact
    • A key that saves Ted from his "over the top" move
    • Proper club position at the top of the swing

If you are tired of feeling as though you are putting out maximum effort and getting minimum results, this video may be an eye opener. Watch it now!

How to Avoid the Inefficiencies in Potter's Swing

This site has a TON of resources that show you exactly how to move safely and efficiently based on the latest scientific research.

Here are just a few you need to check out to start ingraining lasting improvement:


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