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Published: August 10, 2021


Good old machine getting Rick. You seen him on the driving range, right? We're just pounding ball after ball, after ball and that's practice. That's how you work on your golf swing. Just hammering a million balls one after the other, raking them over. But next one, before the last one even landed, that is the most inefficient way that you could possibly work on your golf swing. You're not really working on anything other than your tan and a little bit of cardio work. If you want to practice golf, you want to work on your swing. You have to work with the way that your brain actually learns. Well, it seems pretty stupid to say that, right, but it's true. And most people completely ignore that with golf. My favorite analogy, the way to explain this to you is think about the first time you learned how to drive a car.

And if you learn how to drive on a manual transmission, like many of us did, but when you learned how to drive on a manual transmission, where did you learn? First of all, probably on a parking lot, somewhere in a field someplace where you couldn't hurt yourself or anybody else, right? Because you were having to focus so much on giving it just the right amount of gas and slipping, just the right amount of clutch as you were trying to get it to move forward. But of course we learn and do this at first, right? As you get better, practicing slowly repeating the same movements over and over again, very slowly at first, then you start to get a little bit quicker, a little bit smoother, and you're ready to go to the city streets, maybe back country road somewhere. Once you do that, and you're comfortable, you can go to a stop sign or a stoplight and go and not stall the car.

You go and race the Indy 500 the next day. Right? Well, of course not, that's idiotic, but that's exactly how people practice golf. They read a golf tip, right? And then you go out to the range and you pound a million balls. One after the other, thinking about this golf tip, thinking that it's actually doing something different in your swing, which it's not, it may feel different to you, but I guarantee you on camera. It looks virtually identical. You haven't changed a thing and you're certainly not ready to take that tip. And that practice of hammering a hundred balls in 10 minutes out to the course, because the course is the Indy 500. You have to keep practicing and build up to that. Otherwise you're going to stick it in the wall at the first turn golf doesn't buck, the laws of learning. In fact, it follows them just as closely as anything else.

That's why rotary swing is completely different. The way that we teach you, how to learn is how your brain actually learns a new movement pattern. And we actually worked with a New York times bestselling author, Dan Coyle, who wrote the book, the talent code, which I highly, highly recommend that you read, because it's going to put everything in perspective for you on why you haven't gotten the progress that you feel like you deserve. Why you feel like you've worked on your swing, but haven't gotten any better. The talent code lays it all out in simple English. The rotary swing learning system is built entirely on that foundation of how you actually learn a new movement patterns. So if you haven't gotten the results that you want, it's probably two things. One, you haven't gotten the right information. And two more importantly, you haven't practiced the right way. And rotary swing is going to show you how.

free online golf lessons

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