Wingardh Playing Lesson #2: Draws, Fades, Sand Shots

rotary swing pro golfer bunker trickLearn a bunker trick used by RST pro Robin Wingardh!

In the first part of this two-part series, you met Robin Wingardh, a pro who uses the Rotary Swing Tour golf swing.

We explained in detail about how he overcame shoulder and hip spinning and improved his consistency.

Pro golfers, like Rotary Swing Tour Pro Robin Wingardh, know when to go for it, and when to set themselves up for par.

Robin's methods can also help you, no matter your level of play.

In this video, we'll also go beyond course management to show you:

  • How to draw or fade your shots to reduce risk and increase birdies,
  • Why you should loosen your putting grip for better roll, and
  • Robin's secret method for consistently accurate bunker shots.

Check out this exclusive video now because pro-level instruction can help you drop your scores!


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