Frisbee Drill for Sequencing Downswing

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If you struggle with weight shift and creating lag in your swing, this video will help you learn the natural motion of the weight shift in the golf swing. This drill also helps you eliminate early extension as you learn to initiate the golf downswing from the lead side of the body. To make things simple, you'll begin to think of the golf swing as if you're throwing a frisbee with your left hand.

Video Practice Points
  • Weight shift is critical for creating and maintaining lag in the golf swing
  • Shifting your weight is easy when you relate it to something as simple as throwing a frisbee
  • Your lead hand must be in control of the club, not your trailing hand
  • Soft wrists with a good weight will help you produce tons of lag
  • If you struggle still, take your right hand completely off the club and make sure you don't push against the shaft with your left thumb

The golf swing is a lead side dominant movement that is a challenge for most golfers. Learning the golf swing requires a step-by-step detailed approach because most golfers are right handed yet the golf club is actually controlled by the left the side of the body. In fact most, most of the common golf swing flaws can actually be traced back to incorrect movement from the right side of the body.

Early extension in the golf downswing is most commonly caused by pushing too hard off the right leg, which moves the pelvis into the ball and causes you to stand up out of your golf posture. If you move from the left side of the body by pushing the left hip out of the way with the left leg and pulling with the left oblique, it actually causes you to increase your spine angle, or at a minimum, maintain it. 

In this golf instruction video, I give you a simple drill that will make not only learning how to sequence the downswing easy, but even fun! This golf swing drill can be used anywhere, any time, you can even practice while you're on your next conference call in the office! 

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