Chair Rotations

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This exercise will help ingrain the feeling of a proper turn in the golf swing while strengthening and conditioning your core muscles.

  • Arms Straight 1" Apart, Elbow Pits Up
  • Rotate Maximum Amount Keeping Hands 1" Apart
  • Advanced: Use Light Dumbell

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Should I tilt forward as at address or sit fully upright
May 22, 2015
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Jeffrey. You can experiment and little if you would like. But, normally it is preformed from an upright positioning.
May 22, 2015
How I would like to do this drill. The problem is I can only rotate about half as much as demonstrated in the video. Where to from here?
January 12, 2015
R.J. (Certified RST Instructor)
Ross, Keep working at it diligently. Don't try to overstretch. Just keep moving. Do dynamic stretches before every work out and static stretches before you go to sleep. But don't ever try to go past your ability to stretch comfortably. Doing that will cause your mind to shut down that movement and you'll get less flexible. Eventually, you'll be able to complete all drills in a full range of motion. Just go as far as you can in each position and stick with it! You got this! R.J.
January 12, 2015

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